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“I close my eyes, open my heart and ears to the full breadth of the voice, winds, strings and seeds" Marta Gomez foreword in "Terra Mestiça" album


Espírito Nativo was born in Lisbon by the hand of Jacqueline Mercado and Rui Meira. Since its inception, the aim of this blend of performers, each with his own cultural context but sharing the same musical background, has been the revisitation of traditional Latin-American repertoire, in a musical voyage from north to south of the American continent.

Soon after, new musicians also join Espírito Nativo, lending new latitudes and renewed sonority to this ambitious project. The present formation reflects the intercultural livelihood of the many Hispanic Americas and Portugal. This is how the first set of themes Terra Mestiça is born, “un aguacero de esperanzas!”.


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