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terra mestiça – CD

"I close my eyes, open my heart and ears to the full breadth of the voice, winds, strings and seeds.

This is how, surrounded with musical arrangements that hug the soul, the songs of old, or new that coyfully awayt the day they will become tradition, I listen to “Terra Mestiça”, the most recent work by Espírito Nativo, and let myself wonder, even if briefly, into a more pleasant and less hurtful world."

Marta Gómez (Colombian singer and songwriter)

Jacqueline Mercado – lead vocals

Rui Meira – acoustic guitar, charango, venezuelan cuatro, flute, clarinet, Andean flutes, adufe.

Ricardo Quinteira – acoustic guitar, cuban tres, venezuelan cuatro, percussion.

Edison Otero – trumpet, colombian gaita, percussion.

Luís Filipe Martins – double bass


Beatriz Díaz - backing vocals

Rob Curto - accordion


Recording, mixing and mastering – Ricardo Quinteira

Production and concept – Rui Meira and Jacqueline Mercado

Artwork – Mariana Soares

Photography – Enric Vives-Rubio

Lable Ⓟ & Ⓒ 2015 Rui Meira

Ⓛ SPA 2015

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